The finishing touches to your oak extension living space

The finishing touches,

to a beautiful oak room.

Doors, windows, roofing and glazing,
what features will you choose?

finishing touches.

all you need, to complete your GreenRooms oak extension project.

Oakwrights use only the highest quality products to complete any GreenRooms project. These products include timber windows and doorsets, - including bi-folding and sliding - as well as bespoke glazing solutions and roof lanterns.

As with all things Oakwrights, all items are manufactured combining the latest technology with traditional methods to bring you the most efficient, high quality product. Every window and doorset is manufactured individually to the highest specifications, adhering to all building regulations and standards.

hardwood windows of exceptional quality to augment you greenrooms oak room


There are few things more comforting than sitting inside your home and enjoying a gorgeous view with warm sunlight shining through - at any time of the year. When choosing windows for your oak frame extension, we will advise and help you select from our approved window suppliers. These may be timber windows or aluminium windows, the choice is yours and may be dictated by your home's existing windows.

fine hardwood entrance doors

entrance doors.

we can guide you on choosing a fine entrance door that will live up to your new oak room. we only use products from a select number of approved suppliers so quality is guaranteed.

oak bi-folding doors

bi-fold doors / sliding folding doors.

bi-folding doors are a superb way to bring the outdoors in, helping exterior space function as an additional room that flows off the interior. They also work beautifully when closed, offering big views of the outside, pulling in lots of light, thanks to their full-height and width glazing.

hardwood sliding doors by greenrooms

sliding doors.

the origins of today’s sliding doors lie in the sliding shōji and fusuma panel door of traditional japanese architecture. easy to operate, requiring no more than a gentle nudge to move, the entire weight of the moving panel is supported by the track, so very little effort is required to open or close. sliding doors provide a wonderful way to expose a view from your oak frame extension, opening up to allow the outside in.

oak glazed screens by oakwrights greenrooms

glazed screens.

our glazed screen solutions are ideal for adding a touch of character to any property. our screens are fabricated from our range of hardwood windows and doors, which when combined, create large glazed openings that allow light to fill any internal space.

roof lantern for your greenrooms orangery

roof lanterns.

the roof lantern part of your orangery will be glazed with specialist roof glass that is both energy efficient and carries an easy-clean coating. when considering the overall design, we can help you with the finer details and provide you with the reassurance that it will be fully designed and manufactured with the utmost care and attention.

Face glazing for the ultimate finish to your greenrooms conservatory or orangery

face glazing.

face glazing is a system of applying glass to the exterior face of oak frames to give a contemporary finish. despite its simple clean look there are many factors to take into account to achieve an air and water-tight seal and provide a maintenance-free finish. frames that include opening windows and doors are easily accommodated in our face glaze system but must also be fitted by us to give a reliable seal. flashings are typically lead; however other metals can be used such as copper or stainless steel depending on personal preference. other options to consider are finish-off capping board, either planed or saw finish can be selected. using only the finest material and craftsmanship, our rigorously tested system is the best on the market.

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